Boss Battles

In which form of entertainment would you find what's known as a boss battle?

And the answer: video game.

Photo courtesy: @Deadmii/Twitter. 

A boss battle happens at the end of a video game segment. The player often has to compete against a challenging opponent, known as the boss, before graduating to the next level of the game.

Though now a widely accepted part of many video games, boss battles are still a relatively new concept. The first bosses were seen in the 1974 game dnd, an electronic adaptation of the popular Dungeons & Dragons. In this game, the objective is to retrieve an "Orb" from the bottommost dungeon – a prize guarded by a high-level enemy named the Gold Dragon. Only by defeating the Gold Dragon can the player claim the orb, complete the game, and be eligible to appear on the high score list.

Bosses are most easily distinguished by their unique difficulty. Many bosses require a curated set of skills or moves to be defeated, and mark the culmination of a round (or rounds) of gameplay. The character is often the major antagonist of the game, and is marked by dramatic themes, more detail, and more lively animation.

Check out the video below to learn more about what makes a boss, a boss.

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