Baseball Hall of Famer Cy Young

Which Major League Baseball pitcher holds the record for most complete games, having completed 749 games throughout his career?

And the answer: Cy Young.

In baseball, a complete game is the act of a pitcher pitching an entire game, without the benefit of a relief pitcher. Cy Young is the all-time leader in complete games, and the only player to complete more than 700 games.

So when a stalwart steps out from the throng, On with the tribute, let garlands be flung, Here’s to the sturdy and here’s to the strong, Here’s to the king of them all, Denton Young.

Cy Young was born and raised on his family's farm in Gilmore, Ohio. As a youth, Young earned the name of "Farmer Young" before his infamous nickname "Cy" carried him through his baseball career. Young entered into the world of professional baseball in 1890, when he joined the National League's Cleveland Spiders. From there, Young spent time on the St. Louis Cardinals, helped the Boston Red Sox go on to secure a World Series title, and went on to become one of the hardest-throwing pitchers in the game. At the end of his career, Young held records for most career wins, most career innings pitched, and most games started, in addition to his record for most complete games.

Young was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1937. Many of his records have remained under his name for over a century. Check out this Baseball Hall of Fame article for more on pitching legend Cy Young.

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