Baby Crocodiles

What does a baby crocodile sound like?

And the answer: a laser gun.

Pew pew – it's true! A baby crocodile sounds much like a laser gun in science fiction movies. The chirps are most likely made to communicate with the mother and the baby's siblings in the same nest.

Don't believe it? Check out this frighteningly adorable video from the Dragonwood Conservancy:

Though their chirps are likely to call out to their mother or to each other, it can also be seen as a sign of affection and happiness.

Though it might be hard to believe, these cute creatures grow to become some of the world's most fierce water predators. Cuban Crocodiles, the species seen in this video, are an aggressive and highly endangered breed of crocodile. Conservation efforts such as that by Dragonwood Conservancy help maintain and protect Cuban Crocodile populations. It's no wonder the croc babies chirp up a storm for their caretaker – the young hatchlings likely formed a connection and see their human caretaker's protection as motherly love.

Want to learn more about Cuban Crocodiles and their conservation? Check out this National Zoo article.

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