Artemis and Apollo

In Greek mythology, who was Apollo's twin sister?

And the answer is: Artemis.

As Apollo's twin and the daughter of Zeus and Leto, Artemis was the Greek goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, and the moon. One of the twelve Olympians, she was the patron and protector of young girls and was worshipped as one of the primary goddesses of childbirth.

Highly revered in ancient Greece, Artemis and Apollo together could have easily carried the nickname, "The Power Twins." In one legend, Artemis is born one day before Apollo. It is said that Artemis went on to help her mother with the birth of her brother, giving context to her desire to nurture and protect. However, Artemis was not always known to be nurturing. She was a fierce warrior that did not hesitate to extinguish any threat to her life or those she intended to protect.

Though she is considered a goddess of fertility and protectress during childbirth, Artemis protected her own chastity with her life. It is said that the drawn out birth of her brother, which she assisted, led her to ask Zeus to bless an oath of virginity. From that moment on, Artemis accepted her role as protecter of girls and fierce maiden.

To learn more about the fascinating life and myth of the goddess Artemis, check out the video below.

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