A person born during the middle of August would have which traditional Western zodiac sign?

And the answer: Leo.
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Based on the traditional Western horoscope, Leos are people born between July 23 and August 22. Leo, which means "lion" in Latin, is the fifth Zodiac sign. The Leo constellation is associated with the Nemean Lion, a vicious monster with golden fur in Greek mythology.    

Represented by the lion, individuals with this star sign are characterized as vivacious, passionate and, at times, dramatic. While the sign Leo is ruled by the sun, it is just one among 12 other highly varying “tropical” zodiac signs: an astrological system of characterization which dates back to the Ancient Greeks. The practice of astrology uses the position of cosmic objects at the time of your birth as a shaping indicator for future strengths, weaknesses, and character traits.

Associating individual qualities and planetary positions is an ancient practice. Scientists have discovered cave paintings depicting the changing position of constellations dating back as early as 15,000 BC, while the oldest piece of evidence to show the zodiac being used to make predictions is a nearly 5,000 year-old Akkadian book titled “The Day Of Bel.” However, the zodiac was originally used in modern society as an agricultural calendar, allowing farmers to keep track of the best times to harvest crops and plant seeds based on the movements of constellations. It wasn’t until later that the names were reassociated with star signs and their individual qualities.

Horoscopes are a way to anticipate the future based on the behavior of the celestial bodies at the time of the reading. While these are far from an exact science, astrologers must take into account the principles of Euclidean geometry—developed by the Greek mathematician Euclid—to be able to produce an accurate horoscope about the signs of the zodiac.

Fun fact!

Based on an analysis of the Forbes’ list of richest people, the grand majority of billionaires belong to the star sign Aries. So if you’re looking for a sign, Aries, this is it!
Find your own astrological placements and learn more about zodiac signs here.

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