A History of the April Fool

In 1698, people were told to go to the Tower of London, to see the annual ceremony of the washing of the lions, on which day?

  • A. Ides of March
  • B. vernal equinox
  • C. April Fools Day
  • D. Easter

58% of players knew the correct answer: C., April Fools Day

While the origins of April Fools Day are a little unclear, it most likely began with the change to the Roman calendar in the 1500s. Some people in rural France didn't receive the news that the new year had been changed, from the beginning of Spring to the first of January, and they became the brunt of jokes, as "April fools."

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Question of the Day: A History of the April Fool
This Flashcast episode is no joke! Murray and Tamika explore the history of April Fools Day and some of the best practical jokes from around the world.

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